Hakuna Hemp Roast blends phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil with Central American Caturra Coffee grown in the Coban region of Guatemala. Our blending process begins with natural, Colorado-grown hemp oil that is manufactured using chemical-free CO2 extraction. We then “Nano-cize” the oil using a patented technology that is clinically proven to increase absorption of nutrients in food and beverages. The benefit of this bio-available delivery is that a cup of our coffee with 5mg of hemp oil is equivalent of consuming much larger amounts of standard hemp oil. All of Hakuna’s products are built around the circle of life with sustainability in mind. Stop worrying, grab a cup of Hakuna Hemp Roast and join in our problem-free philosophy. No More Worries! Follow them at @hakunahempcafe

Puff & Paint offers open-minded and relaxed painting classes that allow students to freely create their own original masterpieces with a lil inspiration 😉

What You’ll Get

  • What’s included: paints, brushes, and other art supplies and a  canvas
  • Instructed by @lit_owl 
  • What to bring: classes are BYOC

You can never go wrong with fresh fruit from @fc_freshfruit_inc with the widest selection and made fresh with each order, located through-out Abracadabs. Make sure to get your fruit March 23rd and taste the difference.

The company was founded in 1997, one of the first pioneers, leading the forefront of the CBD industry. Chronic Candy started as a hemp flavored lollipop & evolved into the complete line of products that you can find today. For the past two decades Chronic Candy has been touring the country & sharing the wonders of CBD.

After 20 years Chronic Candy has established a reputation, known for high quality CBD products. Our team is constantly working on new innovative applications for CBD enhanced products. We’re still touring the country promoting the benefits of CBD and the lifestyle behind it. Follow them at @chroniccandy